Time to get personal

The highlight of our lives is rarely captured in a still photograph. The moments seen in videos tell only part of our stories.

Who am I? 

If you follow me on social media, you may know a few things about me: I am an aesthetician, laser-tech, and clinical trainer (turned Celebrity Esthetician) launching a skincare line. 

How did I get here? 

Putting my best face forward in posts for the world to see, was no match for the mirror and the stranger I saw staring back at me in contempt. 

My hair was thinning. I had cystic acne contouring my jawline. I fretted over my mustache and melasma nearly every second... until my thoughts gave way to obsessing over the fifty extra pounds weighing my body down. 

I turned to long showers to temper my bouts of depression, but most times I would sit and cry for hours. The truth is that I felt ugly.

In my lowest of lows, I prayed harder than I ever had, until the day came when I realized that the power was within me and my body to change my life.

Can you relate?

For those of you who can⁠—I invite you on this tour of my healing journey.

Let's get going