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Facial Toner

Facial Toner

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The CBD derived VersaTone® Hemp Facial Toner is just the pick-me-up your skin needs to feel youthful and energized. Whether used as part of your daily skin regimen or throughout your day to hydrate and refresh your skin, our hemp oil toner is perfect for all skin types.

This toner is perfect for removing excess dirt from pores, while leaving your skin clean & refreshed. This product is formulated with an intricate blend of natural extracts & 20mg of CBD to help supply the skin with the necessary nutrients it needs to stay moisturized.

A natural, gentle toner that leaves skin feeling clear and free of shine. Formulated with sustainable Hemp Seed Oil that replenishes and refreshes your skin. It helps refine and close pores while providing continuous nourishment for your skin. Helps to restore your skins hydration. Replenishes your skin’s natural moisture. Can be used as a facial mist throughout the day.

Invigorating and hydrating, this toner uses natural ingredients to delete excess oil and reduces shine without over-drying skin. Whether used as part of your daily skin regimen or throughout your day to refresh your skin, This toner is perfect for both men and women looking for tight, youthful looking skin. Between daily your morning and evening facial cleansing and exfoliating, use our hemp facial toner to energize your skin.


+ Anti-Aging Toner

+ Anti-aging toner that tightens and firms the skin

+ Removes Excess Oil and Reduces Shine

+ Alcohol and Sulfate Free

+ Restores Skin Suppleness

+ PCD Hemp Oil + Phytic + Vitamin A + Aloe Vera



Sweep over face and neck with a cotton ball after cleansing. Avoid the eye area. Can be used throughout the day to rehydrate and refresh skin. For best results use after cleansing or exfoliating, then follow up with serum or moisturizer.


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